Office of Professional Standards and Training

Captain Ryan Wimberley during training
The Office of Professional Standards & Training is managed by Deputy Director Frank Green and Captain Ryan Wimberley.

Captain Wimberley has been employed with Bainbridge Public Safety since April of 1996. During his career with Bainbridge Public Safety Captain Wimberley has served as a patrol Corporal and patrol Sergeant before becoming a Captain over training. Captain Wimberley holds an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice and is a certified instructor with specialty instructor certifications in firearms, defensive tactics, TASER, RADAR, and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. Prior to coming to Bainbridge, Captain Wimberley worked as a Police Officer in Colquitt Georgia and Corrections Officer at the Decatur County Correctional Institute. Captain Wimberley is also a veteran of the United States Army where he served as an infantryman with the 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry.


The Office of Professional Standards & Training is primarily responsible for the research, drafting, and implementation of departmental policy and procedures. This office also manages the day to day administrative functions of the Bainbridge Public Safety Department to include, records management, Community Relations, Court Services, Inmate Services, and the internal investigations of misconduct by its officers and employees.


Members of Bainbridge Public Safety are dual certified as both law enforcement officers and firefighters. As such, the Office of Professional Standards & Training is responsible for coordinating and managing all in-service and advanced training in both law enforcement and firefighting services. Officers are required to obtain a minimum of 44 hours a year of training in both of these services. Training includes but is not limited to firearms, use of force, pump and ladder operations, hazardous material awareness, DUI enforcement, and crash victim extrication.

Community Relations

While Bainbridge Public Safety does not take the lead in Neighborhood Watch Programs, they do highly endorse and coordinate with community members interested in starting and maintaining a Neighborhood Watch Program. The fundamental purpose of a Neighborhood Watch Program is to reduce crime and the fear of crime. The primary methods are training people in crime prevention techniques and helping them to work together in crime prevention activities. In this way, residents become more responsible for their own needs and break down the isolation which makes people strangers among their own neighbors, which contributes to the stabilization and revitalization of the neighborhood. Services provided by Bainbridge Public Safety to these programs include assisting with setup, organization, and training in crime prevention techniques.

Bainbridge Public Safety also actively participates in various other Community Relations functions to include safety presentations and career days for both schools and businesses.

For more information on Community Relations or Neighborhood Watch programs, contact Captain Ryan Wimberley.