Bainbridge Tree Committee

Picture of Landmark Tree PlaqueBainbridge, Georgia is known as the “Oak City.” The large, historic live oak trees create an attractive, unique sense of place, as well as a valuable and marketable identity.  The Bainbridge Tree Committee helps establish and maintain the historic landmark trees in our community. Members include Mills Brock, Janell Cleveland, Meredyth Earnest, Ridge Harper, and Joe McGlincy. Many of our trees are well over 150 years old, and the Tree Committee is devoted to planning for tree protection and replacement as the oaks age.

While federal and state laws have steadily progressed in requiring green spaces in communities nationwide, Bainbridge has historically been ahead of the times in enhancing the value, beauty, and viability of our city, and has always maintained that green spaces are an economic and environmental asset to the community.  

The City of Bainbridge tree protection ordinance applies to trees on commercial property, as well as landmark trees which can be located on both commercial and residential property. These trees are identified with blue and green markers. Residential property owners do not require a tree removal application unless the tree is a designated landmark tree.

You can view the Tree Ordinance by clicking here.