Occupational Taxes

The state law changed some time ago which changed the wording of Business License to Occupational Tax Certificate.  All certificates run from January through December.  Renewals are mailed for the following year in September and due in November.  Invoices are mailed in December and are due no later than January 31st.

You can download the Occupational Tax Certificate by clicking here.

Until further notice, we will be suspending the renewal process for current Occupational Tax Certificates. For new certificates, please download the form and use the drop boxes located on either Broad and Clark Streets or email to Judy Franklin at judyf@bainbridgecity.com.

  • For Occupational Tax Certificate Questions, Contact:
  • Judy Franklin - Administrative Services
  • 101 S. Broad Street 
  • 229.400.9294
  •  judyf@bainbridgecity.com
  • 8am - 5pm M-F