City Receives Fogg Grant

City of Bainbridge Receives Two Fogg Charitable Trust Grants
Posted on 12/30/2019

The City of Bainbridge is pleased to announce the generous contribution of an additional $100,000 recently received from the Fogg Charitable Trust. The funds come after the Fogg Charitable Trust had committed $105,000 in March of 2019 for the ADA accessible ramp project at Chason Park. This two part grant will allow the city to construct an ADA accessible ramp connecting a string of city owned parks with the city’s Central Business District and the Flint River. This ramp is a critical component of the city’s new Riverwalk and is also a major feature of the city’s long-term “Connectivity Master Plan”. We understand that it is only because of the generosity and civic mindedness of groups such as The Fogg Charitable Trust that this and similar projects can move from concept to reality.