Firefighters fighting a fire

Vision Statement

The Bainbridge Public Safety Department Fire Division is dedicated to being the best community-focused fire and rescue department that meets the ever-changing needs of our community while ensuring a safe and secure environment for all through professional development, unity, and teamwork.

Mission Statement

The Bainbridge Department of Public Safety is a part of the City of Bainbridge’s governmental service providing a team with specific responsibilities to provide a safe and secure community in partnership with the rest of the city governmental team and our citizens.

The primary mission of the Bainbridge Department of Public Safety is to maintain social order within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits while providing professional law enforcement and fire suppression services. The agency provides these services through our core values: Professionalism, Ethical Conduct, Respect, Courtesy, and Cost Efficient in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of its authority and the constitutional rights of all persons.

The agency recognizes that no agency can operate at its maximum potential without the support from the citizens it serves. This agency will actively solicit and encourage a cooperative relationship with all of the citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime and fires and to facilitate the maximum use of resources. Additionally, in order for the agency to effectively meet the needs of the citizens, it must establish short, medium, and long-term goals to give guidance and direction to agency personnel.

The City of Bainbridge has an ISO Class rating of 4.