The Bainbridge Public Safety Department is responsible for the protection of the lives and property of the citizens of Bainbridge and employs the public safety concept in fulfilling this responsibility. The public safety concept is the consolidation of police and fire. The Department is overseen by its Director and has a Chief of Police and Fire Chief who each manage their prospective sides of the agency. The public safety concept requires its members of the department to be cross-trained and cross-certified in police services as well as in fire services.

Bainbridge Public Safety has two stations:

Headquarters - 510 East Louise Street
Station 2 - Spring Creek Road; s
erves as a substation to headquarters, and is most often manned 24 hours a day by firefighters.

Complaints Against Officers

It is the policy of Bainbridge Public Safety to foster confidence from the citizens of Bainbridge and maintain high professional standards. To file a complaint against an officer a citizen can contact Chief Walton at 229-248-2038 or come to Headquarters and pick up a complaint form.

Kids 'n Kops Program

“Kids ‘n Kops” is a collaborative effort intended to foster relationships between Bainbridge Public Safety officers and members of the community by creating a positive image of police officers in the eyes of children and young people. 

Unfortunately, 2020 has kept us from having our regular events with the COVID-19 interfering with our usual events, and activities held throughout the year. We are hopeful that 2021 will be a new beginning; however, if we are still having issues, we look forward to possibly hosting events while following CDC guidelines, in order for officers and firefighters to still be able to enjoy and have fun interactions with young people of Bainbridge.

To allow all events and activities to be free of charge to those who attend, the Bainbridge Public Safety “Kids ‘n Kops” Program runs entirely on donations from community partners. 

For more information about the Kids 'n Kops Program, contact Captain Timothy Mixon at 229-248-2038 or timothym@bainbridgecity.com

  • Contact Info
  • Frank Green - Public Safety Director
  • 510 E Louise Street 
  • 229.515.8594
  •   frankg@bainbridgecity.com 
  • Contact Info
  • Redell Walton-Chief of Police
  • 510 E Louise Street
  • 229.515-8618
  • Department Email redellw@bainbridgecity.com

  •  janettem@bainbridgecity.com
  •  Station - 24/7      Admin. - 8am - 5pm M-F